Cast All your Anxiety on Him…

Cast All Your Anxiety on Him - Inspirations

Hey everybody! Last night, I was feeling pretty anxious so many horrible things started happening all at once and it was a struggle for me to deal with it all.

First, the nursing home called wanting to talk to my mom and my heart almost stopped. Everytime we get calls like that I always start freaking out and thinking the worst. I started wondering if something bad must’ve happened. My fear just swallowed me whole. He has ended up in the hospital before, so what if he was there again?

Then, right while that was happening my sister freaked me out even more saying that there was a fire outside. We live in Southern California and lately what with the crazy drought we’ve been having and the 100 degree weather it’s no wonder there was a fire outside. I personally hate fires its one of my biggest fears. Plus, she was right, the second I looked outside there were these huge grey clouds of smoke up in the air above us and the creepiest sunset I’ve ever seen! The sun itself was a blood red spot in the sky! It was a sight to see! I had never seen it that bad before and it was just getting worse. I started panicking and so did my sister, thinking that we had to check out where it was since it may have been a fire close by. I think what freaks me out most is all the damage that fires can do, once they start they’re just so hard to control and put out.  We found out that there was a fire in Santa Clarita that was blazing, but it wasn’t that close to us. Thank God!

Earlier on Friday for lunch too, I went to Denny’s with my sister had a really good hamburger. We were enjoying our summer in this crazy heat! Next thing I know, I look at my phone and it says that there was another shooting, but this time it was in Germany and 8 people were dead. I was feeling so happy one second, but then two seconds later after reading that I felt so down, so low. My mind started going around in circles. Why does this keep happening? That was giving me anxiety, too!

Before I found out about all of these things on Friday, I prayed to God to help me with these fears of mine, about the fire to give me strength to pull through with this and also about my dad to watch out for him asking to keep my dad safe. Pretty soon I realized that everything would be ok cus God was with me and I didn’t need to worry. That somehow gave me the strength to pull through and gave me hope knowing that God would get me through this anxiety of mine. After that, my fears about the fire and my dad subsided. Later, I found out that nothing was even wrong with my dad. My mom said that the nursing home called the wrong person’s house. I was so relieved. God had answered my prayers so fast. He did care and just knowing that gave me peace within myself and even more faith in Him.

Sometimes anxiety fear stress can get the best of us, but the point is to keep going and work through it knowing God is right there with you holding your hand and watching out for you, keeping you safe. Just know that he will always be there no matter what!

After all of that, I woke up this morning yet again to more devastating news about the bombings in Kabul with 80 killed and over 200 people injured badly. I can’t believe there was another bombing! It just seems to be getting worse and worse as we speak! Sometimes I sit around worrying, wondering when its all going to stop. Have you ever had those moments? I feel like that all the time lately.  Sometimes all of this is just to much to bear, I just don’t feel safe anymore!

However, I found this quote from the Bible this morning while scrolling on Pinterest which says: “Cast all your anxiety on him, because he cares for you.” 1 Peter 5:7.  After reading this, it gave me hope it helped ease my fears and worries, so hopefully it can help you as well. That scripture has always held a special place in my heart, so that is why I am sharing it with you all now. It has helped me remember that no matter what happens, God is here with me and he will never leave. God is there right when I need him most then I realize that God is all I need. I feel safer now knowing in my heart that no matter what happens God is near and he will fix this world, he will not let it go astray. It won’t always be like this. I know that now.

We all have things we are afraid of, what is it that you are afraid of most? Have you had moments where you too need to know that you are not alone? That you are safe? Well, God is with you!

I send out prayers to all the people who have lost their lives in these attacks lately.

Have a blessed weekend!


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