Hey guys! I just want to take the time to share a poem with you all. Its not really about Huntington’s Disease, but it is about what’s been going on in the world right now. With the bombings in Nice and with the police deaths in Dallas. I just want you all to know that I think that this was all such a terrible terrible tragedy and hope that things will get better in time, so I wrote a piece about it for you!

I hope you enjoy my poem today! God bless and have a great day today!


Unpredictable:  by Paula Martin

Life is unpredictable

What with the world outside fusing with chaos all around

No one feels safe, safe to do anything

With ISIS terrorists bombing all around,

Good police being killed from what was supposed to be a peaceful protest

People getting shot by policemen too

Its no wonder the world is so out of whack

It just seems like the second you turn on the news

All you see is suffering and pain,

pain that just lingers and never goes away

Sometimes I wonder, staring off into the beautiful sky up above

What will happen next?

When will all of this just end when will we as a nation be healed again?

When did this all start to go wrong?


What do we do?

How can we change this horror and dread from happening again?

We say we hate this kind of thing

But what has anyone really done to stop this unpredictable hatred and rage?

This killing spree, it needs to end

End before it ever begins again


We need to start keeping our kids safe,

our families safe, even our police officers, too

Blaming the police will not get our families back, or keep our loved ones safe

We also can’t just turn a blind eye, when some police officers do deserve to go to jail

when they go too far, way too far a shoot a poor guy too much leaving them dead

dead on the streets with no hope of ever breathing again

We need a better system, one where everyone gets equal justice,

An equal shot at a hearing in court

That’s where we need to start, but that hardly ever happens in America anymore

This is one of the reasons why people on the streets are desparately trying to have a voice,

to speak to speak out against all of these injustices

I understand where you’re all coming from I really really do

But, protests always end up in a mess, too

We need peaceful protests from all sides, which is what the Detroit policemen were doing

They didn’t deserve to die

Because of one person and one person alone, they are all dead and not alive

See what happens when we don’t have a just system in place?

Things just fall, fall out of place, into chaos and fear and anger and hate


We need a better way of living, but where do we begin?

We need to stop acting like life is unpredictable

And realize that everything happens for a reason

We may not know that reason now, but I know that in my heart God will show us in time

Maybe all this horror and strife, all the pain we have been through this time in life

Is happening so we can make a change, so we as people can rise up

Rise up and and stop this

Not in war, or hatred, or killing, or violence, but in love peace, and kindness


We need to have faith again, the kind of faith that can lift us all up

Up and away from all of this, and remind us who we really are

Many of us are good people, some have lost their way

Sometimes all you need is a loving kind word, a soft embrace,

we all need each other

Help heal this world heal

Heal it so we can all get better and move on to something better

So, I pray that even if things don’t ever seem to get better now that everything will be ok

no matter how unpredictable life can be

God is with us he is here right now

And he’s watching over us and all of the families that

So, let go of all of this anger and instead, let it go to God

He will make things better

See that there is still good left in this world

All we need be is still, be still in the chaos of this unpredictable world

And listen to his words and know in our hearts

That this life, this beautiful life  is amazing

if only we take the time to see it for ourselves

That life doesn’t have to be this bad


We can start by getting rid of guns

Teaching people that its not ok to kill people or to spread violence.

What would you do if you could change the world?

Would you make it a better place?

Sometimes I wish that in each state, people would just get rid of guns

Too many have died for no reason, its wrong!

So stand up to this and don’t let it get to you

Instead, rise above it

See how you can get something beautiful out of something so horrible

It can happen all things are possible with God by our side

Things may not seem to be so unpredictable anymore

Instead, life is meaningful, beautiful and pure and its worth fighting for

What about you?


-Paula Martin




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