Strong Enough

This morning I woke up feeling lousy, sleepy, tired, hopeless, my insomnia just doesn’t seem to be getting any better. I was almost in tears and didn’t want to get out of bed, but I still got up and started my day. I felt so angry because I’ve been trying everything to get some good, decent sleep, but it just isn’t working still. I woke up prayed to God for help, asking for strength to get through the day and to help me with this. I just asked him to save me, to heal me, to help me through this burden, this pain.

Then as I walked downstairs, I heard my mom singing this song that I like and it got stuck in my head. Don’t you just hate it when that happens? I kept singing it to myself over and over again in the kitchen while I was making some breakfast and the more I sang it, I just felt happier happier, lifted up like God was there with me, trying to help me through these hard times in my life saying that everything would be ok. That just gave me so much hope!

The song, if you want to know is Strong Enough by Matthew West, and the part that my mom was singing when I walked by her was this simple phrase: “I can do all things through Christ who gives us strength!” When I heard her, I stopped walking, looked over at her and smiled, looked up at God saying, wow thank you so much!

What a coincidence huh? I guess, but I knew it was God giving me the strength to get through the day. Instantly, my frown turned upside down and I was happy again. He was reminding me through one of my favorite songs that I can do all things through Christ who gives us strength. Its true, he gives me the strength to work through my fears, my hardships in life, and gives me the strength to keep going when all else seems to fail. In that moment, in that very moment he touched me and changed me again. He helped me forget my problems with sleep and instead gave me hope that it would all work out, all I needed was to hear that song and it healed me. All I had to do was remember that God is with me wherever I go and that he’d give me strength and now I feel so much better, now I can start my day off with a clear conscience and a good loving God by my side who loves me for me and will never leave me when I’m scared or afraid.

I know this post isn’t about HD or anything, but I just wanted to share this story with you to give you hope! There were moments when while my dad had HD, that I felt like this a lot and God was the one who pulled me through it each and every time that is why my faith has grown so much and that is why I feel like even though I’ve been through the darkest of times, God is still lighting my way when it seems too dark outside to turn on the light.

God does work miracles he does it for me every day single day! So just know that if you’re going through a rough time in your life, you are not alone! God is with you so remember that and I assure you things will get better!

It’s songs like these like from Matthew West or Chris Tomlin’s song Good Good Father, or Francesscai Banestteli that really lift me up. All I do is start singing these songs or listening to them in my car while I’m driving and sing my lungs out or I sit on my couch and listen to these types of songs on Pandora or Youtube and they help me out a lot. Their messages are amazing and they can touch you if you give it a chance. When I start singing those songs or when I pray in the middle of the night or in the morning, he is always there to listen. Its funny because when I was younger I prayed, but now I have been trying to pray even more, not just through the difficult times, but through the good times, too! By doing that, my life has changed so much for the better.

Sometimes life just gets so overwhelming, I know how it is. If that ever gets that way for you I hope this song can help you through the day like its helped me today!

So, here it is, The Strong Enough Music Video from

Check it out and see what you think. Really listen to the lyrics and sing to it if you want to!

Enjoy your day! Hope all is well! Blessings to all on this awesome Thursday!! Just think, a few more days and its the weekend!

Can’t wait! I’m going to this Fishfest Concert in Orange County this weekend with my sister and two of my aunts and my cousin. Its gonna be amazing! It has a lot of Christian singers, like Matthew West!







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