Good News About Chorea in Huntington’s Disease!

I just found out in this article on Facebook saying that there is a new supplement out there called Teva and it’s supposed to stop chorea in Huntington Disease patients! For those that may not know what chorea is, its the uncontrollable  movement of the arms and legs that Huntington’s Disease I remember growing up with my dad when he first started moving randomly all over the place, flailing his whole body around he just couldn’t control it at all. It would happen a lot during the day. Pretty crazy huh? It was intense! I hated seeing him like that I could never do anything about it so I just sat and waited for it to stop hoping that it wouldn’t get worse, but it always did. Now that he’s in the later stages of HD he doesn’t seem to move around as much, but he still does get chorea from time to time, so any help would be so grateful.

I always prayed that someday there’d be a way to stop that, to stop the chorea, but now there is! That gives me hope! I knew everything would be ok someday and I guess I was right. I had to wait a long time, but this is just an amazing miracle! I hope these pills, these supplements work. It would be pretty amazing for a person’ s quality of life, for my dad’s quality of life, for anyone with HD! Fingers crossed!

There is always hope! Hope they can make enough for all of HD patients to use!

If you want to check out the article, it’s right here:

It’s great news! I am beyond happy right now, after what happened to my dad yesterday and seeing this just makes me feel like things will be ok!

God definately works in mysterious ways! I had no idea that I would come across this today, I mean I was just scrolling down Facebook on my labtop at home and I found it! I guess things happen for a reason, I guess it was all meant to be! This just makes me feel so happy! Its funny because when I was younger I always hoped for a way to stop the movements, to stop chorea for good in HD, but I never imagined it would actually happen!  Now people are actually making strides against it, that just makes me feel like someday very soon they will come up with a cure for HD! All I needed was a little patience and a lot of faith, but it worked!

Patience is the calm acceptance that things can happen in a different order than the one you have in mind.:

Hope everyone had a great Memorial Day’s Weekend!! Blessing to you all!



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