Three More Tips on How to Cope with HD

More Tips on How to Cope with HD:

HI everyone! Here’s a few more tips on how to deal with HD. Again just try a few of them out, it can really help a lot through the hard times:

4. Exercise

Find out what types of sports you like and try it out my sister plays tennis every night that is a fantastic stress buster or if you like baseball play that, or soccer, whatever it is join a group or play with some friends.

Do a yoga class or meditation.
I have personally done both of these and I assure you that it if you really stick with it, you can start feeling happier, more energized, more refreshed, and a lot less stressed. It feels so relaxing especially if you do deep breathing exercises along with it. It helps in times when you feel frustrated or you start overthinking things and start feeling overwhelmed. I need to do this more often. At times, I forget to do yoga or I don’t plan it in but every time I go back into it helps me focus and be more present.

If you can’t take a yoga class you can always do it in the comfort of your own home too. Try some videos on If you’re just starting out with yoga, do beginners yoga first, start off with the basics and then slowly work your way up to the more experienced levels.

There’s this good website to try out if you want to do some free yoga at your house for free that I use: (Its great check it out!)

Trust me I know yoga may seem hard at first, but its fun. All you need is a yoga mat, some good light clothes, and drink plenty of water afterwards.

Do Just Dance. It’s fun and its great to dance at home on the Wii. I have 3 different types of them and they always make me laugh and have a good time. You can even do it with your friends or your family. My sister joins in sometimes its great! I just stared doing the Just Dance 16 one and it has some good songs on it. haha

Whenever things just get too much to deal with go outside for a nice walk around the neighborhood. It’s great it clears your mind! It also helps to have a dog! If you have one take it out on a walk. I have a cute dog and I walk her around all the time. There’s something about going out there with the wind hitting your face, all your cares just wash away and it doesn’t seem so bad and when you see the horizon off in the distance or seeing the sun shining through the clouds and you walk around remember how special your life is and how amazing you are and remember why you’re here and what you want to do in life and then your problems don’t seem as bad.

Try jogging, riding a bike, hiking, swimming, or go for a walk on the beach or walk through a good bike/horse trail. There are tons of things that help.

5. Read or Write in a journal

Reading to me always gave me something fun to read even when my life was falling apart. It gives you hope, it helps you know that you’re not alone and it gives you the strength to keep going.

Pick some type of genre that you love, it could be anything from romance to mysteries or fantasies like The Lord of the Rings. For me, it was sci-fi and young adult books that I loved most. I love the way those books are written. Try reading Harry Potter books too. I know I’m a nerd, but I don’t care because these books really helped me through some of the worst times in my life growing up with HD it taught me to never give up and to stand up for myself and it was just plain funny at times cracking me up. Just being in different worlds like The Wizarding World or Hogwarts and following Harry’s journey through his life growing up and stopping Lord Voldemort really lifted me up and gave me faith that my life too could be magical and that it could be worthwhile too if I kept going!

If you like reading, join a book club so you can talk about some of your favorite books with others. Connect with people and learn and grow.

Also start up a journal. Sometimes just writing your feelings out, just putting them down on paper can be the most therapeutic thing of all.  I did it all the time. I have so many journals now filled with all of my stress from HD. You can freewrite, writing down anything you feel at the time with no judgement, you can write down all the things your grateful for in your life right now, you can write down goals and dreams and passions you wish to follow in your life. The sky’s the limit! Just do it!

Try it and if it doesn’t work for you that’s ok, I don’t always like to do that either, but it works. Just get all your feelings out, its better than bottling it all up inside.

6. Look at some Inspiring Quotes Online

Sometimes on a bad day, all you need are a few quotes to lift you back up again. This helped me a lot back when i was dealing with my dad’s HD, but it also helps me now with the aftermath of living that life. It was hard and it gave me PTSD, but most of all depression, and I know there’s a lot of people that suffer from those things these days and sometimes you just feel downright sad for no reason and it sucks, so maybe just take my advice scroll down facebook or yahoo or google and type in inspirational quotes or quotes about hope and faith and the next thing you know you are feeling better. It gives you the strength to keep going. It did for me, and still does!

Join and start looking around for some good inspirational quotes or things that you love. After a little while it starts sticking in your head and instead of focusing on the negative aspects of life, you’ll start thinking positively.

That’s it for today! I hope a lot of this helps you all very much!

Doing these things while also going through HD may help you out when you least expect it. So, try some of these tips out.

There are more tips to come, but for now enjoy these and have a great week! God Bless!



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