My Dad Rick with Huntington’s Disease


This is a picture of my mom who is on the left, my sister who is in the middle, and me who is on the right. My dad is the one in the center. Its always hard to see him, but when I do its great. Just seeing the smile on his face makes my day. He can’t talk much anymore or do many things on his own and he sleeps a lot, but I still tell him every time i get a chance that I love him very much.

The fact is, to me he is still alive, still going still fighting this battle every single day! That gives me hope! I hope it gives you all hope too! I didn’t always feel that way. I never wanted to go in and see him because I was scared of him. I was scared because growing up he yelled so much it really screwed me up, it made me think that I wasn’t good enough that he didn’t love me that there was something  wrong with me, but now that I am older, I understand that it wasn’t me it was the disease it wasn’t real, the second I realized that I started feeling better about him. I finally felt loved and now I am not afraid of him anymore. I see him now and I can talk to him and its amazing!

This pic was taken about a year ago on his birthday. My sister and I always get him some kinda cool T-Shirts so this time we got him a Star Wars one and an Avengers shirt. haha

Do any of you have parents with HD? If so let me know in the comments section. Tell me what your going through.


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